Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Now Serving San Diego Including North County!!!

Hello everyone!!! I am so excited to be posting this right now! After months of planning and organizing, I can now say that our Weekly Cloth Diaper Delivery Service is now serving San Diego including North County!! If you have any friends or family in that area please refer them to us!!!

We give discounts for diaper service and our boutique when you refer someone to us!!! Please help us spread the word about our Weekly Cloth Diaper Delivery Service!!!



  1. My husband and I just decided to cloth diaper upcoming baby #2. We would love a CD service in OC...any plans for expansion?

  2. possibly...when are you due? email me and we can chat!!! When you email me send me your address and I can see if we have a driver that is willing to go up there! I hope we can help you out!!!