Monday, October 10, 2011


Hello everyone! Welcome to our new followers! I'm soooo excited to announce that we will be doing a series of giveaways with another blogger! So far I have 5 giveaways to do and each one will last 2 weeks, so that means we have 2 and a half months of giveaways coming up. Perfect timing for the holidays!!! Here is the link to our first giveaway: Please go on there and follow the instructions on how to get entries into the giveaway :) I would also like to give you another opportunity to gain extra entries in this giveaway. If you post a comment about your favorite cloth diaper on my Facebook page (have to like it for an entry and then you gain an extra entry with your comment!: I will give you an extra entry. Also follow: to find out some more AWESOME ways to get more entries!!! This giveaway is going to be fun and they are only going to get bigger and better!!! I'm so excited!!! Please tell your friends about it!!! Have fun....I hope you win!!!!

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