Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fluff Terminology

So as I was hanging out with another cd'ing mom and blogger today, she showed me one of her blogs that she posted not too long ago and I realized that I have not put any blogs up on cloth diaper terminology. So with some help from her blog and some personal changes I give you Cloth Diapering Terminology (thank you Cassie!). Below you will find words/abbrs. frequently seen in cloth diapering posts.

All-in-One (AIO)
Fitted diapers that have a waterproof outer layer and the absorbent soaker that is typically sewn in. Fasten with hook/loop or snaps. Most day cares prefer this type of cloth diaper because of how similar they are to disposable diapers (in the sense of putting on and taking off).

All-in-Two (AI2)
Similar to an AIO, but the soaker isn’t attached, so you have two separate pieces which decreases drying time. Usually the separate pieces can be attached with snaps or laid in.
Pocket diapers
Outer layer is waterproof and inner layer is a stay dry material like micro fleece. Closures are either hook/loop or snaps and have a pocket opening that allows you to stuff an insert, prefold, doubler, micro fleece insert or a terry wash cloth. Can adjust overall absorbency by adding an additional layer into the pocket. 

Contoured                                                                          Contour diapers are cut to fit your baby and are less bulky than a prefold diaper and an economical alternative to fitted diapers. Contour diaper require a waterproof cover. They can be used with or without a Snappi or pins inside the cover. 

Sized, contoured and fitted to baby’s shape with elasticized waist and leg openings. You would fasten with plastic snaps or Aplix Velcro. Fitted diapers still need to be covered with a waterproof cover, however they skip the folding and securing of a prefold and act as another barrier to hold in messes.

Diaper Covers
Provide a waterproof outer layer for non-waterproof diapers.

Doublers or Newborn inserts
Pad-like absorbent soaker, often made out of micro fleece, hemp, organic cotton or bamboo, that can be added to a diaper to increase absorbency or you can use these for newborns to achieve a trimmer diaper.

One-layer diapers that are like “old-fashioned” diapers; require folding and pinning.

Hook & Loop
Velcro-like closures typically made from Aplix or Touchtape.

Hybrid                                                                                                       Hybrid diapers consist of a washable, reusable cloth diaper cover which can be used with either biodegradable disposable inserts or washable cloth inserts.

Wool soakers with long legs forming pants.

Rectangular shaped diapers that must be folded into the shape of a diaper. They are like flats, but have multiple layers with more layering in the middle. May see descriptions like 4x8x4, which would mean 4 layers in the outer sections and 8 in the inner section. Will need to use a diaper cover over a prefold and most prefer to fasten the prefold with a Snappi.

One Size Cloth Diaper (OS)
Typically will fit a child from birth up until 30 or 35 pounds.

Polyurethane Laminate (PUL)
Typically used in cloth diapers for a waterproof layer

The measurement from the top of the front side of the diaper, between the legs and to the back edge of the diaper.

Wool soakers with short legs forming shorts

A T-shaped plastic fastener used to fasten diapers instead of pins.

A process to remove buildup from a cloth diaper.

Wool Soakers
A diaper cover made out of wool.


  1. What about TPU? That's the new stuff some places like Rumparooz are using stating it is more breathable than PUL.

  2. We love our pockets! Very easy to use, but dries faster than most AIOs.

  3. This is a great list! All of the acronyms and terminology were so confusing when we started clothing diapering!

  4. I wish I had read a post like this when I started Cloth Diapering -- this would've cleared up a couple questions! I have passed this along to a friend needing persuasion ;) ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  5. Love this list! Very simple and to the point but definitely explains a lot. Will def. save this post to show others who are new to cloth diapering and have questions. It can seem so confusing at first!

  6. Thanks for the awesome list! This will be very helpful to new CD moms!

  7. now I know the difference between prefolds and flats :)