Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Projects

So it's been a little while since I last posted anything, sorry. Life has been so crazy busy that I can barely keep my feet on the ground for more then a couples weeks, literally! But what fun would life be if you just sat around the house all the time and didn't get out and travel and see the world and visit your friends and family?!? 

So with our crazy busy lives I was constantly buying those paper desk calendars. I love writing everything down and being able to see in advance what is going on. As each month went by and I continued to pull these pieces of papers off of our calendar, I realized that I don't like wasting the what can you do to fix that and be as GREEN as possible? Why you can devote and entire wall to a dry erase calendar!!! Yes I said ENTIRE WALL...go big or go home right?!!?

So my project begins with selecting a wall in my office :) So exciting! Next step is picking up the supplies needed.

 The supplies needed for an entire wall are, 2 dry wall paint kits, 1 can of white primer paint (if your walls are any color but white), wall filler (so your calendar isn't bumpy), small foam roller, paint tray (not pictured), wall spatula, painters tape, 1/2 inch trim (not pictures), fine sand paper, roller, trim cocking, a saw, a trim cutter and black paint for trim (not pictured and the color doesn't really matter, in my case the black looked best with the white board and pink walls).

We ended up "eye balling" the shape we wanted and just measured it and marked the wall with a pencil. We (when I say we, I mean my husband), lol, filled in the wall with the wall filler. 

Once the wall filler had dried we sanded it down so that there were no rough spots, then we painted over it with the white primer. This made sure the you couldn't see any pink through the filler and so the white board paint would apply better to the wall. 

Once we had followed our pencil markings and painted on the primer, we re-measured the area and taped off the area that we wanted as our calendar. We then painted over the primer with the white board paint. I must say that if you haven't used this before, DO IT!!! SO COOL!!! 

Line drawing time!!! I would have to say that this was the hardest part. Having one of us hold the yard stick, not moving AT ALL, while the other drew the lines. We measured it all out so that each day would be the same size. 

Once the lines were drawn we cut the trim and painted it. Once the trim was dry we secured it to the wall. We then took the clear cocking and filled in the edges to make a clean and secure trim outline around the calendar. As soon as that was done I went through and filled in the calendar. 

What a crazy project! So fun and I LOVE IT!!! I love seeing a year in advance :) You could use this project for many other things. I just like the calendar aspect of it! This project can be done in one week if you are on top of things and really push for it. It is a great GREEN option!!! Much like one of our previous projects, the chalk board in my son's room! 

Hope you are all having a great summer and I encourage you to try one of my projects. Yes, yes, I know this isn't cloth diaper related, but honestly, who's lives consist of cloth diapers and cloth diapers only? And as long as my projects are a GREEN alternative, why not!!!???!!! Happy reading!


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